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Banners @ The Drake Underground

 Banners December 1st 2016 live at The Drake Underground, Toronto

Banners December 1st 2016 live at The Drake Underground, Toronto

Before I went to the Drake to shoot this adorable British musician Banners, I really didn't have any idea what to expect. I am an avid listener of The Edge 102.1 whenever I am in my car, but most of the time when I hear a song while driving, I think, 'this is dope! I should find this song.' and it goes to the back of your mind and you don't really think about it again.

When Banner's came out on stage and started jamming out to Into the storm, one of his latest singles, I was dancing behind my lens. The coolest part of shooting live bands and equally the most annoying part of shooting is trying not to dance your ass off while shooting. I am a newfound fan of Banners, his music and onstage presence is amazing. I was blown away his set and was sad to leave after three songs. I would have happily stayed and danced the night away.

One frustration I had while trying to get the proper colour across, he that was under a purple light most of the set, which made him look a little alien like. But I am a pro and shot as usual and I think the photos show the feel of the gig and how happy everyone was to experience this tiny venue with a very nice personal touch from the artist. 

Check out the full review of the show on the Edge website. Button below! Enjoy the photos ladies and gents! <3