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Baby on the way! Maternity with Tami

Every one in awhile you meet someone you know will be hold a special place in your life. Whether it is a new friend you met in line getting coffee or someone that happens to be just as crazy as you to get up at 6:30 three days a week to do a fitness class. I met Tami while doing just that, we met up in the mornings with our awesome trainer Paluna, and we sweat together for months. Long after I stopped the morning class, she came to me looking for maternity photos. I was so excited to be part of this shoot. Tami is one of those people that makes you feel like you are the only person in the room when she talks to you. She listens, she is kind, and she is hilarious.

I am so excited to meet her new little girl, and I know that she will make the most amazing adoring mother.

Congratulations on your new baby girl and I know you are already an incredible mum. 

Much love Tami,

Your friend and photographer,