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Renita & Livern: A love story


When I started this photo blog, I wanted to find a way to connect to the people I am photographing. Bring their story to life, show the world their beauty with using the medium that I work hard to express the love and loss in my life. In meeting Renita, that goal came to life. 

We have all experienced heart ache and pain that has rocked us to the core, it's not my job to tell Renita's story, but it is my job to tell the story of a love that saved her. Renita met Livern at a time in her life when she needed to be reminded that life can be beautiful. After meeting with her, I knew I had to be the one to photograph the new beginning for Renita and Livern, and tell the world of a love that is kind, strong and beautiful.

On one fine day in September, we were able to laugh together and get to know each other. During our shoot I could truly see how happy Livern makes her. Heart warming and hopeful.

This is the story of Renita and Livern. A new love and a new life. Happy Engagement!